LEGO BrickHeadz

BrickHeadz: 41585 Batman, 91 pieces, £9.99

Batman Lego BrickHeadz Figure

BrickHeadz: 41586 Batgirl, 99 pieces, £9.99

Batgirl Lego BrickHeadz Figure

BrickHeadz: 41587 Robin, 101 pieces, £9.99Robin Lego BrickHeadz Figure

BrickHeadz: 41588 The Joker, 151 pieces, £9.99

The Joker Lego BrickHeadz Figure

BrickHeadz: 41589 Captain America, 79 pieces, £9.99

41589 Captain America Lego BrickHeadz Figure

BrickHeadz: 41590 Iron Man, 96 pieces, £9.99

41590 Iron Man Lego BrickHeadz Figure

BrickHeadz: 41591 Black Widow, 143 pieces, £9.99

41591 Black Widow Lego BrickHeadz Figure

BrickHeadz: 41592 The Hulk, 93 pieces, £9.99

41592 The Hulk Lego BrickHeadz Figure

BrickHeadz: 41595 Belle/Beauty, 139 pieces, £9.99

41595 Beauty/Belle Lego BrickHeadz Figure

BrickHeadz: 41596 Beast, 116 pieces, £9.99

41596 The Beast Lego BrickHeadz Figure

Which should I buy?

From a building perspective, they range from 79 – 151 pieces in this first batch, with The Joker coming in at 151 pieces and therefore the most bang for your proverbial buck. Captain America comes in at 79 pieces. The difference looks like it is mainly due to the hair on the characters.

BrickHeadz sounds like and interesting idea that could well bridge the gap between people that love lego and those that love collecting Funko Pop. It will be interesting to see how people take to the new idea, as this could well become a new collecting phenomenon, as I am sure Lego hopes.

The Lego site says this:

New for spring 2017, LEGO® BrickHeadz sets bring you a brand new way to collect, build and display iconic characters from your favorite movies, TV series, games and comics. This BrickHeadz set is fun to build using colorful LEGO System bricks that recreate all of the iconic details. It also stands on a baseplate with special design for easy display.

  • Buildable LEGO® BrickHeadz set featuring authentic detailing, BrickHeadz eyes, plus a display baseplate.
  • Each LEGO® BrickHeadz figure comes with its own buildable collector’s baseplate, featuring series number and BrickHeadz icon.
  • Have fun growing your LEGO® BrickHeadz collection with other classic characters, from your favorite movies, TV series, games, and comics.
  • Mash up your LEGO® BrickHeadz figures to create super cool hybrids or your own amazing characters.
  • Stands over 2” (7cm) tall without the base plate.
  • Base plate measures over 1” (4cm) square and under 1” (1cm) high.