Welcome to Bricks Blog! A site run and built by a Lego lover.

When I was a kid, I loved Lego! It was the toy I remember most from my childhood, and one of the only ones that can transition into adulthood. I quickly transitioned to Lego Technic, as it offered some advanced tools over regular Lego (It’s interesting to see how ‘standard’ Lego has adopted quite a few pieces that were originally technic only) such as pneumatic accessories and working gears. I lost touch with Lego for a while, before coming back in full force with the introduction of Lego Cuusoo, or Lego ideas as it’s called now. Now, earning money, I could afford the Lego sets I had always coveted, such as Creator Expert sets such as The Detectives office that now takes pride of place on my mantle.

Even now I will be putting together a Lego set and be amazed at the engineering involved that allows the pieces to fit together so well.

Lego is a puzzle to put together, a model to admire and display, a creative outlet, a collection to collect and an engineering tool that is great for prototyping. That’s why people love it young and old, it can be so much to so many, and everyone can find an aspect they enjoy.

I hope, with the help of my nephew, to make a few videos that I can post here of our builds and reviews. I’d love them to be a little bit different from other websites and hope to bring my own sprinkling of human and imagination to them. But as time is a factor, we will have to wait and see.

Hope to see you soon 🙂