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Joining the Harry Potter BrickHeadz is Ron Weasley™ and Albus Dumbledore™!





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Disney’s Frozen

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This is a nice set, we get Anna & Olaf. Anna is a full-size figure and Olaf is a smaller three-stud scale figure. We get a decent amount of unique printed bricks, including some cute freckles printed on the Anna face tile. This will be great for your own custom and MOC builds. Olaf even gets a cole ‘button’ printed on the side of a tile, which isn’t common, and I don’t recall ever seeing. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong 😉

Printed/Unique Bricks

Anna and Olaf BrickHeadz Printed Bricks

Anna and Olaf BrickHeadz Printed Bricks

You can see the selection of printed bricks. This includes:

2×2 Tile with cole buttons

1 x 2 Brick With Anna’s Dress

1 x 2 Tile with Olafs Mouth

1 x 4 Tile – Anna’s Freckles

1 x 4 Brick – Anne’s Lower Dress

1 x 3 plate with cole button on the side

4 x Eye studs

Spare Parts

Anna and Olaf BrickHeadz Spare Bricks

Building Instructions

Anna & Olaf Building Instructions

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