It is now official, the UCS Millennium Falcon will be the biggest LEGO set ever produced ?


This is now being pretty much unanimously referred to as a new UCS (Ultimate Collectors Edition) Millennium Falcon, So I thought I would look into how it stacks up against the previous version – 10179.

The UCS millennium Falcon 10179 had a whopping 5197 parts, but with the announcements so far, we can figure out the new set will contain a staggering 7,541 parts! That’s an extra 2,344 pieces! which would be a big set by itself. This means it will either be bigger or far more detailed than the last version that can be viewed here.

Why Re-Release the UCS Millennium Falcon?

The first UCS Millennium Falcon was released in 2007, so a ten year anniversary is a nice time – there a lot more LEGO lovers having their eyes opened to it every year, and perhaps you always wanted the UCS, but couldn’t afford the price tag from eBay. They have become quite a sort after item, going for upwards of £2000. Check out some current eBay offerings:

Here – £550 – 24 Bids

Here – £1020 – 4 Bids

Here – £1875 – 54 watchers


Advertising works on me, and my brain is set to super-hype! What on earth could be bigger than the already massive sets in the star wars range such as LEGO Death Star, and the UCS (Ultimate Collectors Series) sets like the tie fighter, snow speeder and Slave 1?! It boggles the mind, but LEGO themselves have said it is the biggest set yet, so it must be right?



The hype train is at full speed with LEGO teasing and clarifying that this is THE BIGGEST LEGO SET EVER, beating out the previous record holder that was the Taj Mahal. It’s not even beating it by one or two bricks, but over 1000! Check what LEGO posted about the mystery set below:


The biggest LEGO set to date is the 5,922 piece Taj Mahal but something BIGGER is coming… the newest LEGO Star Wars set is 1,619 pieces bigger!