Recently LEGO teased a new partnership with Nintendo to create LEGO Super Mario. Unlike many other licensed themes, this isn’t just about building LEGO versions of iconic Mario characters and locations (although we would be fine with that), it’s about playing with Mario and LEGO in an all new way.

LEGO Mario isn’t just a brick built Mario, but a smart Mario with Bluetooth, LCD screens, speaker and more. This is unlike any LEGO sets that have come before, and opens up some interesting possibilities for the future.

What’s Next?

Obviously, the expansion sets are great, and I look forward to seeing what they be. However, it is what comes next from a Nintendo partnership that intrigues me even more.

Will be see BrickHeadz of licensed Nintendo characters? Mario already kinda looks like a BrickHeadz character. What about Link and Zelda? What about The Lego Animal Crossing sets? I think we will have to wait and see how this set does first.

I am excited for this Nintendo and LEGO partnership. What about you?